Home Learning

As Trinity Academy and all schools remain closed as part of the Government’s measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, here are details about the structure of our home learning provision after the Easter holiday.
Our teachers will continue to work remotely, supporting pupils online. Tutors will also be monitoring the progress of their tutees in their weekly phone calls home. Please support your son/daughter in understanding that this is not a school holiday and that he/she is expected to work hard at home building their academic knowledge. It is therefore important that your child has a space to work and follows a daily routine with good learning habits, getting up and dressed early ready for the day ahead. You should also check each day that your child has worked across a number of subjects as set out below.
For Key Stage 3, we have redesigned our provision with a focus on a combination of short daily tasks and extended tasks that will last a number of weeks. For English, Maths and Science daily tasks will be set for pupils to complete. Each of these activities should last approximately 30 minutes and will be uploaded to their Google classroom. Your child could share with you some of what they have done, and you could hear some of what they have written for example.
For other Key Stage 3 subjects, tasks will be in the style of a project that is designed to be completed over a number of weeks. The focus of each project has an emphasis on developing knowledge as per our curriculum offer, and the projects do not require a dependency on access to a laptop. We are looking forward to the opportunity for pupils to develop their own creativity and independence that this style of learning will afford and we want all pupils to embrace this. Tasks will be set online in the Google classroom and we want pupils to have completed 3 projects by the end of Term 5. Pupils are free to choose how they manage their time; they can focus on certain subjects in Term 5, and should schools still be closed, other subjects in Term 6. Teachers will be available during timetabled periods daily for pupils to post a comment in their Google classroom should they require any support.
For our Key Stage 4 pupils, learning will continue as per their timetable and work will be regularly set. It is important that we keep our Key Stage 4 pupils focused in accordance with the exam specifications so that knowledge is not compromised. Pupils will need to be prepared to return to their studies once the Academy is able to operate as usual once again.

Please note that this timetable and the task expectations will operate while the Academy is closed to pupils, and because we do not know when school will re-open, every day must be treated as a school day. We would also like to encourage pupils to fix a regular time each day for exercise to maintain good physical and mental health and to support their studies.
I would like to thank you for the integral part you play in supporting the Academy as we strive to ensure the continued academic progress of our pupils. We appreciate the pressures that this situation has placed on families and I want to assure you that all the teaching staff are working hard to support you.
I hope you and your families are keeping well. Please do not hesitate to contact your son’s/daughter’s tutor via info@trinityacademylondon.org should you require any support.
Miss H Sharma
Vice Principal