Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Updated guidance for parents and carers

Department for Education have updated their guidance on 12th November 2020 for parents and carers on what they need to know about schools during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This update provides information on the national restrictions that came into force on 5th November 2020, the latest advise for clinically extremely vulnerable children and young people and advice on the use of face coverings in education settings.

Opening Risk Assessment

September 2020 Re-Opening Risk Assessment

Behaviour Update

Trinity Academy is committed to providing a safe, secure and caring environment in which all pupils can thrive and achieve their full potential. This requires the highest possible standards of behaviour from all involved in the school community, including pupils. The culture will be one of zero tolerance and no excuses within a supportive, encouraging environment with a focus on pastoral care for its members. Underpinning this policy are the Trinity Academy Values of Wisdom, Fairness, Courage and Self-Discipline.

Trinity Academy Behaviour Addendum Full Opening 26 08 2020