The Trinity London Academy Trust is the proprietor of Trinity Academy. The Trust is a company limited by guarantee registered in England No. 07847013 and is an exempt charity.  The members of the Trust are Dennis Sewell, Laura Cumming and Elaine Thomas. The Trust's registered address is 9 Turret Grove, London SW40EX.

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Trinity Academy and the trustees are directors of the company.  The members may appoint up to seven trustees.  Parents with children at the school may elect two parent governors to the board. The Principal  is ex officio a member of the board, which itself may appoint (co-opt) further trustees. The Principal is the Trust's Accounting Officer.

­Trinity Academy’s governing board was formally constituted between 14th and 17th February 2014 in accordance with newly adopted articles of association. Prior to that time the company was run by directors appointed at the time of the company’s incorporation in 2011. Those original directors continued as directors of the company and were appointed to the governing board. Their start of service on the governing board listed here was deemed to date from the constitution of the governing board in February 2014. Details of their appointment and history as directors can be found at Companies’ House. 

Chair of Trustees

John Sheridan     Appointed by GB/board 


Name Appointed by From To
Adrian Miller Appointed by GB/board 26/03/2020 26/03/2024
Anthony Blaiklock Appointed by GB/board 26/03/2020 26/03/2024
Dennis Sewell Appointed by academy members 02/06/2020 02/06/2024
Elaine Thomas Appointed by academy members 09/01/2017 09/01/2021
James Henderson Appointed by GB/board 26/03/2020 26/03/2024
John Sheridan Appointed by GB/board 20/04/2017 20/04/2021
Laura Cumming Original (signatory) members 14/02/2018 14/02/2022
Monika Albert Appointed by GB/board 26/03/2020 26/03/2024
Antony Faccinello ex officio 26/03/2020


Dennis Sewell
Elaine Thomas
Laura Cumming

Accounting officer

Christine Bayliss

Chief financial officer

David Hughes

Role of the Trustees in outline

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Principal and senior staff accountable for the educational performance of the school
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Sub-Committees of the Board

The board has established the following sub-committees to which it may from time to time delegate powers: Education (chaired by Laura Cumming), Finance & Audit (chaired by Anthony Blaiklock), Management (chaired by John Sheridan) and Admissions (chaired by John Sheridan).


Further information about the governance of the academy including Trinity’s funding agreement with the Secretary of State for Education, the Trust’s articles of association, financial statements and Trustees’ reports, and Trustees’ interests may be found by clicking on the appropriate link.