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Trinity Academy joins Future Academies

We are pleased to inform you that, as of 01st December 2020, Trinity Academy will be joining Future Academies. As you will be aware, we are deeply committed to providing the best possible education for our students: it is our belief that all young people can achieve when given the appropriate guidance and support. Our priority as a school, therefore, is to raise our students’ aspirations, setting them up for success in later life. This passion and ethos is one that we share closely with Future Academies. Therefore, with their expertise, we believe that we will journey together towards achieving outstanding outcomes for all.

Future Academies is an established and thriving multi-academy educational trust (MAT) based in London and Hertfordshire. It is characterised by having a focus on the life-changing power of a knowledge-rich education, combined with the provision of an outstanding Education Enrichment programme. Future Academies currently sponsors nine academies across London and Hertfordshire, educating roughly 4,000 students. The team therefore has great experience in working alongside schools to help them attain the highest possible results for their students. All schools which have been inspected as part of Future Academies have been judged either ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

We look forward to updating you on our partnership with the Trust, as we enter into this new and exciting phase of our development. If you have any questions, do feel free to contact us at: info@futureacademies.org

Responding to Lockdown an Online Art Exhibition

Trinity Academy pupils utilised whatever materials and media they had available to document a personal response to these unprecedented times. Cold coffee and tea were used as a paint substitute; in one instance, a ready-made image of a flower was produced by gluing coffee and pine nuts to paper. Some pupils took their inspiration from artists they were familiar with from previous Art lessons, with Matisse and Munch being particularly popular. Other pupils drew the view from their window, a familiar object, or even something as mundane as a cup of tea that assumed more importance. For many pupils, the online lessons were essential for them to feel a degree of security and routine while being in a new learning environment. Many felt a renewed appreciation for their school life and their teachers, echoing the refrain: "You don't know what you've got 'til it’s gone." - Joni Mitchell. Please see the gallery here.

Trinity Academy judged Good across all areas - see our Ofsted report here

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We’re proud to be a Word Gap Partner School in association with Oxford University Press. We’re committed to closing the word gap and improving children’s vocabulary and wider life chances. To find out more about the word gap, visit oxford.ly/wordgap